Abril 24

As sugestões de leitura de Justin Trudeau

O primeiro-ministro canadiano revelou ao Quora as suas preferências literárias e confessou ser um ávido leitor:

I’am a massive reader, have been all my life. I read anything, and everything, in huge quantities. These days most of what I read are scholarly policy works and briefing papers, so listing my favourite fiction is really tough. I guess starting with a few authors for whom I’ve read just about everything they’ve ever written: Stephen King, Neal Stephenson, and Tad Williams. Other recently-read novels I’ve loved: La part de l’autre by Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


Eis algumas das suas sugestões:

1 – Ready Player One, de Ernest Cline

2 – La Part De L’Autre,  de Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

3 – ‘Gardens of Democracy,’ de Eric Liu e Nick Hanauer

4 – ‘Champlain’s Dream’, de David Hackett Fischer

5 – ‘The Shining’, de Stephen King

6 – ‘Snow Crash’, de Neal Stephenson

7 – ‘The Dragonbone Chair’, de Tad Williams